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First and foremost I want to appreciate you sir our amiable, resolute and sagacious president of the federal Republic of Nigeria his Excellency Muhammadu Buhari for your giant stride in all ramifications in the first tenure which also resulted to the your re-election because there is a saying that one good term deserves another and that is the motive why all the Progressive Nigerians voted massively for your return so that you can take our dear country to the desired peak it deserves

I want to congratulate you his Excellency Muhammadu Buhari and the vice president Professor Yemi Osinbajo for your successful inauguration on may 29th which recorded alot of epoch in our Democratic system and also the recent signing of June 12th as the New Democracy day in respect of M.K.O Abiola and also renaming the National stadium Abuja, eagle square after the legend personality of M.K.O Abiola which was celebrated everywhere in the country,God bless you sir

The purpose of my epistle was on what I titled the reasons why GYB should be consider for APC ticket and the danger awaiting APC if he is denied the Party ticket

It becomes worrisome to read and heard of the rumour going round the social network on whether Yahaya Bello will be considered for APC Ticket or not.

I want to state categorically & pellucidly those allegation against the personality of his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza are all lies.
Those people are only looking for a way to discredit Yahaya Bello because they knew that it is only Yahaya Bello that can coast the party to Victory in the November Gubernatorial Election.
They are people who never meant well for Kogi state as they have milked the state dry before the Emergence of Yahaya Bello who came to revive, revamped, rejuvenate, restructure, repositioned, transformed and reformed the state from shackles and shambles of maladministration, looting, corruption, ghost workers syndrome, ethinicity bigotry and tribal hegemony and sentiments and other negative plight of kogi state.

Also I want to bring to your notice that most of the noise are coming from the opposition who Yahaya Bello has exposed their devilish act and has sent them out of the system and they thought the only way they can pay Yahaya Bello back is to witch hunt him so that they can come back again to perpetuate their evil acts.

His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello is a loyal party man to the core who have contributed immensely to the All Progressive Congress (APC) in all ramifications.

His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello increased the party card carriers from 50,000 to 500,000, infact this is a sign that Yahaya Bello meant well for the party.

Also when Yahaya Bello became the Governor of kogi state alot of People’s Democratic party (PDP) members and other parties members Joined the All Progressive Congress as they are much more convinced about the leadership of Yahaya Bello to pilot and paddle Kogi state to an enviable heights and the decamping is still ongoing till now this shows how strong his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello is in Kogi state and across the board.

During the National presidential campaign Yahaya Bello was informed about the mega rally which took place in kogi state within 48 hours and Yahaya Bello recorded alot of success as the presidential mega rally in kogi state was so massive which yourself and the APC National Chairman can testify to as the people across kogi state converged in Lokoja which they trooped out in thousands to welcome you and other APC Stalwarts and campaign team
My question is that can a failed government command such mammoth crowd?
It is already a sign that the good people of Kogi state love Yahaya Bello and his leadership style which makes him more acceptable.

It is worthy of note that Yahaya Bello delivered flawlessly in the last presidential, National Assembly and the state Assembly Election.

His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello the 4th Executive Governor of kogi state delivered for you to win your contender Abubakar Atiku which Yahaya Bello delivered landslide with a wide margin and it will pleases you to know that Yahaya Bello has the highest vote for APC in the whole North Central states.

Yahaya Bello delivered 2 out of the 3 senatorial seat, which we believe the people of Kogi West voted for Distinguished senator smart Adeyemi (CON) as aspirant for Senate under APC in the last Election and not Dino Melaye and we are hopeful that the stolen mandate is reclaimed soon.

Out of the 9 house of Representatives Yahaya Bello delivered 7 and which we believe the remaining 2 mandate will be reclaimed from that angle.

Out of the 25 state house of Assembly Yahaya Bello delivered the whole 25 to APC which is first of it’s kind in the history of kogi state that the ruling party will not have opposition in the house.
GYB is a party loyal Man to the core who also uphold the tenets of democratic system.
His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello Projects cut across the 3 senatorial district of kogi state namely; Kogi East,Kogi West and Kogi central which awaits commision by 27th of August to mark kogi state at 28 which we will be having in attendance your humble self and other APC bigwigs and Stalwarts across the country.

Sincerely speaking Yahaya Bello has delivered on his mandate & his blueprint agenda been achieved perfectly.

Yahaya Bello has recorded alot of success in Agriculture, Education, Health,Job creation, security and other sectors.

Agriculture is booming in Kogi state we now have Omi Rice located in Yagba West local government of kogi state which is the second largest Rice Mill in the northern State and can feed kogi state, the whole Northern state and possibly Nigeria and also provide Jobs etc.

Other tools were bought to clean the surrounding which makes Kogi state to be clean and Kogi state was ranked the second cleanest state in the whole federation.

On the area of Education Yahaya Bello have done alot, we have GYB model school which cut across the 21 local government of the state, Yahaya Bello increased Student’s bursary from #30,000 or less to #9,000,#14,000 and #18,000 respectively.
Before the Emergence of Yahaya Bello we do record academic break down where Student’s will be out of school for many months infact more than 6 months but when Yahaya Bello came there is no more incessant strikes infact the last National strike that was witnessed by all the higher institutions across Nigeria, Kogi state was not part of the state that embarked on that prolactred strike, different structures were been built across all the higher institutions of kogi state courtesy Yahaya Bello to boost academic performance and to create a Serene atmosphere for learning in our various citadel of learning.
Infact the last accreditation of courses in the state university recorded alot of success which means the requirements for such accreditation was meet.

On health, GYB has spent a lot of money just to ensure the people are adequately taken care of partaining their health status.

On Employment the recent report by NSA shows glaringly that Kogi state is one of the state that reduced unemployment and underemployment which was published everywhere.

On securities GYB armed the securities apparatus for the safety of the lives and properties of kogites and the neighbouring states and the people plying through Kogi state as Kogi state links many states together.
GYB bought the securities apparatus patrol vehicle’s and gave them a base all over the place, you can’t drive up to 5 minutes before you meet the securities on the road who checked the vehicles and the passengers just for security purposes.
Before the emergence of GYB Kogi state is seen as the Den of kidnapper’s and armed robbers where they operate at will without any obstruction and people was always in perpetual fear of even travelling as their life is in jeopardy.
Infact GYB employed the vigilante’s who also help in the security aspects.
Kogi state is one of the safest state and foreign investors can now have a full confidence on Kogi state if there is any investment they are making
The international security apparatus commended GYB, the former commissioner of police gave GYB an award as the best Governor on security and many other heads of the security agencies applauded GYB.


The following are some of the laudable achievements of the Executive Governor of Kogi State Alhaji Yahaya Bello

•Renovation of primary and secondary schools across the 21 LG areas of kogi state, with utra modern learning facilities

•Construction of Rice mill industry at Omi in Ejiba Yagba East LG Area of kogi state

• Remodelling and renovation of confluence Hotel, Lokoja.
• Construction of 10.7km, Agasa-Ukpogoro Road.
• Construction of 8.5km, Ogaminana/Ebogogo/ Total junction through Eika Itakpe Road.
• Construction of 12.8km, Ebiya Kpatesi/Ogigiri Road.
• Construction of 21km, Obeira Okengwe/ Obangede Road.
• Rehabilitation of Idah/Ajaka/Umomi/ Ejule Road.
• Construction of Oguma/Sheria Road/Bridge Bassa LGA.

• Constructions of Ganaja/Otokiti dual carriageway by pass Road.
• Construction of embankment along Kpata/Marine/Kabawa Lokoja.
• Rehabilitation of Ankpa Township Road
• Rehabilitation of Kabba township Road

• Construction of 2 hostel blocks for Govt. Girls Unity Secondary School, Oboroke Okehi LGA

• Construction of Ibana – Okpo, Ikeje- Ogugu Ette Road

• Rehabilitation of Idah waterworks Road
• Rehabilitation of Kabba waterworks Road
• Rehabilitation of Ankpa-Abejukolo Road
• Rehabilitation of Shintaku-Dekina Road
• Abejukolo electrification project.

• Construction of SDG’s office complex Lokoja. : Completed
• Construction of Courthouse at Ganaja, Lokoja.
• Construction of Ganaja village road Lokoja.

• Rehabilitation of Iyamoye/Ife Olukotun Ponyo, Jege, Ejuku Ijowa road. 73km

• Installation of street lights in Lokoja township

• Construction of Hostel blocks, Kogi State
College of Nursing and Midwifery, Obangede.

• Renovation of Kogi State House Assembly Complex. : Completed

• Renovation of Government House kogi state

• Construction of Ganaja village-500 unit Estate road
.Construction of Ayingba-Umomi- Akpagidigbo -Ugwolawo-Ajaka road

▪️Construction of Revenue house kogi state and increment of Kogi IGR from millions to billion.
▪️Construction of mini military operation base Okene.

▪️Provision of rural electrification to some villages across the 21 LG areas in kogi state.

▪️Procurement of Agricultural machinery by the government of GYB to aid food production in kogi state.

▪️Provision of power sub-station at Agasa, Okene, Ankpa, Anyigba and Kabba.

▪️Provision of 200 operational vehicles to the security agencies in kogi state,also water projects cut across board.
To name but a few.

On salary saga which some people used as a tool to discredit GYB it will be very Paramount to go the memory lane, when GYB came on board he ask of the working force of the civil servants in Kogi but no one could give an answer to the question and as a Governor you should know where the resources is going to for the purpose of transparency, accountability and probity, GYB set up a screening committee to investigate and check for loopholes in the civil service as to reform them.
The first committee was setup and the Governor detected some foul play of irregularities and the committee was dissolved, another one was set up and the Same thing happen, also it is Worthy to note that months are going and since the screening was ongoing the Governor cannot commence the payment of salary and the third committee was set up and from what was discovered are the following.

His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello granted clemency to some people with all the problem and havoc they have caused
What a man with a heart of gold

state’s like Abia, Benue, Nasarawa and many others states across the Federations are having the issue of salary
Infact many states are owing from 1 year upward, what did you should the Civil servants in those states to do?
They never crucify their Governor, why are some people crucifying GYB despite his efforts in all ramifications?
Also it is also important that their problems is not as complicated as Kogi state before GYB came to give hope to Kogites.

From all indication and research the issue of salary is a general problem

Anybody owed within the range of 12-39 months, were they ask their status of their staff verification screening exercise?
Let me add this.

some only blackmail him for personal interest.

As an individual or group,

1. Were those claiming they have not being paid for months to show you their last salary alert? For confirmation purpose!

2. Were they asked of their employment status if they are actually staff of any state establishment?

3. Assuming some were not paid, were they asked what happened, see below;

(a). Some based & work in other states of the federation but earn/collect salaries in Kogi State. Thanks to BVN.
(b). Some had more than 3 age declaration in their files, which is actually their age?
(c). Some were employed before they were born base on those age declarations in their files.
(d). Some were due for retirement but still working and eating their pension on the job, which as denied alot of Kogi youths assess to employment opportunity. Today Kogi youths dominate company security in Abuja.
(e). Some were promoted from grade level 6 to grade level 15 Against the civil service rules & regulations.
(f). Fake certificates claims and many others were just endless.

GYB is a human being who was enthroned divinely, why should the same people who were to applaud GYB were the same people shouting crucify him, crucify him, that reason is not far from below;

Majority of those distracting governance were part of the ghost workers who based outside Kogi State, work in different establishments and yet collect monthly salary from the little allocation to the state. From the findings of the state screen committee, I was meant to understand that, some big boy among them get credit alert of many named employees who never knew they were staff of Kogi State civil service.

Also note that, the allocation was never targeted at the growing population and that of civil servants in the state, non the infrastructures to put in place to cushion the effect of the growing population, rather it is based on derivation principle.

This is the simple reason why Kogi State with over 4 million estimated population gets 2b, 3b, 4b at most 5b. Why States like Bayelsa with just 8 LGA and Delta gets 10-14 billion naira monthly.

Logically GYB is not owing salary, because Wada led Government left 4 months salary unpaid and that is exactly what GYB is owing the civil servants in the state now.
Last week GYB paid the workers their salary which they were happy and they show more optimism and commitment to GYB led government in the same vein the Nigeria labour Congress and other groups commended GYB for the salary payment.

It is also worthy of note that GYB was the only state Governor that published the bailouts and other monies collected o dailies and on the Kogi state government website for public consumption which GYB was commended by the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) for transparency, accountability and probity of public funds.

Those making noise are the one eating fat on Kogi state before the emergence of his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza the 4th Executive Governor of Kogi state blocked the leakage so they are peddling rumours and fake news just to discredit GYB.
I want to reiterate again that those making the noise are mostly opposition, which are the PDP and what is the correlation between APC and PDP?
And any APC working against GYB are those that worked against the emergence of president Muhammadu Buhari and other APC aspirats in the last general election and still GYB still won the elections.

Also anybody working against GYB not to fly the party in the November 16th election in Kogi state are those involve in anti APC and in anti party activities.
They want to bring stigma on GYB and to make president and the National working committee says that GYB is not on ground which they failed because GYB delivered for APC from the president down to the state Assembly.
Those people making noise found it very difficult to enforce their dirty plans on GYB as GYB has said he will not do anything less than putting in his best for the progress and development of Kogi state and prioritize welfarism of all kogites.

Those blackmailing GYB are only trying to sabotage the efforts of Kogi state to take the State to an enviable heights.

My question is this;

Should APC loose out Kogi state to the opposition after the efforts put together to win Kogi state in 2015?

It is worthy of note that GYB has been endorsed by all the traditional rulers in Kogi state cutting across every nooks and crannies of the state and under the leadership of the Attah of igala, the ohinohi of Ebiraland and the obaro of kabba, the Megeri of Lokoja and so on,also the National Assembly and state Assembly legislators which was on newspaper, GYB has been endorsed by the National Youths council of Nigeria Kogi state chapter under the leadership of comrade isreal Alonge and other youths Bodies across the board, which they bought the interest and nomination form for his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello and they vowed to support him to the end, the National Association of Kogi students National under the leadership of comrade Troy, the Joint campus committee (JCC) under the leadership of comrade Husseini Ataja, alongside other students Bodies have endorsed GYB, different women Associations across the state also endorsed GYB, the elders forum under the leadership of Dr. S. Ogbo which are Majorly elderly men and women have also endorsed GYB and different groups & parastatals have also endorsed GYB Even the people with disabilities endorsed GYB and so on and so forth.
The evidences are everywhere sir
From all indication majority of kogites have endorsed GYB,so why won’t GYB win the November 16th Gubernatorial election?

His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello the 4th Executive Governor of Kogi state is the only candidate and the best choice for APC to make.
GYB is the only candidate that can coast APC to victory by November 16th.
Any attempt to deny his Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello the APC ticket that is the end of APC in Kogi state .

Thank you very much sir for your patience and understanding.

I will be very elated if my request is given a favourable response.

Iam Prof Femi.
A strong APC stalwart, from Kogi West Constituency,Kogi state.

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