KOGI EAST; PDP Stakeholders Asks Aidoko To Approach Kogi Election Tribunal 

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To redress the charade,wide outcry and denials of people, as well as electoral fraud, carried out by the APC in Kogi east, prominent leaders of PDP said the only way to redress the day light robbery over the senatorial seat is, for Senator Aidoko to retrieve his mandate at the election tribunal

The stakeholders across the nine local government include the party chairmen,candidates of the party and other well meaning individuals within the rank and file of the party

According to some party stalwarts in Omala, Ankpa, Idah, Dekina, Bassa, Igala mela, Ofu, Ibaji and Olamboro assured the senator of their unalloyed support to his ambition of returning to the senate, with a ranking advantage, rather than the current order that has little or no effect

The stakeholders said in a free,fair and credible election in the area,the people of the area were determined to wrest the mandate of the senator, stolen by the APC back to PDP

“Since the election was hijacked by agents of the state government through the importation of thugs and thuggery,vote buying and other inducements,the battle should shift to the court for clinical analysis of bogus figures allocated to the APC candidate, through ballot snatching,ballot stuffing,figure manipulations at gun point to compromise the electoral umpire,INEC”

The stakeholders alleged that in every of the local government in kogi east,local government administrators were engaged with already acquired arms and ammunition, turning the civic exercise into war, because of the unpopular policies of the present administration and its candidates

The use of card readers and accreditation were not carried out,as the APC converted houses of prominent party members and official residences of the local government administrators, as polling centres and collation centres to generate unrealistic figures

” In some cases,were the voters aggresivenes could not be curtailed,the hired thugs engaged by the state government, stormed federal constituency collation centres and forced INEC officials to accept fake and forged results at gun point”

“All these anomaly requires clinical analysis and examination at the tribunal and subsequently at the other levels of court as soon as possible”

” We are confident that based on the available evidence and analysis due to be carried out,PDP Senatorial candidate will emerge victorious after due diligence ”

” It will be a disservice on the part of the senator to the electorates, who were all out to liberate themselves from the hands of bad leadership, by embracing PDP, and shortchanged through political hooliganism to decline litigation ”

” The beauty of democracy is to right the wrongs, deliberately perpetrated to deny the electorates from making the right choice at any point in time in a contest,so Kogi east will not be an exception”

“If litigation,will be our albatross to good representation,it is preferable than glaring sell out of the igala nation, to another section of the state, through unholy alliance by disgruntled politicians”

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