Kogi State Gov Yahaya Bello Says ‘Na God Win oo’ to Natural Ebiras

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After Alhaji Yahaya Bello has been sworn in as a new Kogi State Governor on January 27, 2016, he said among other things; Na God win O! The saying “Na God Win O” is of the spirit and was directed to some natural Ebira politicians. The history of the youngest Governor in the nation “Nigeria” not only in Kogi State was highly discouraged and belittled by the so noted natural Ebira Politicians, who never understand that God is NOT a respecter of anybody or anyone. In fact these people like to talk much and listen less. They are old prophets hearing nothing from God anymore. They put their trust on wealth and earthly personalities or position in the community. This natural Ebiras sold their birth right for temporary joy during APC primary election in the State headquarters, but they were clothe with the garments of shame by God’ “The One with final say”

You are right to ask why dressing the dried wound” Yes, I want the youngest Governor of our time to read the similar case study from the book of truth for generation yet to come:-

A man was blessed with 12 (twelve) sons. Second t the last born, at the age of 17 years hate evil transaction, and constantly reported the evil deeds of his brothers to their father. Father “Israel” loved the second to the last born “Joseph” and gave him a special gift – “a brightly colour coat”. Joseph was consequently hated by his brothers.

One night Joseph had a dream and promptly reported the details to his brother, Joseph said “let me tell you about my dream, we were out in the field, tying up bundles of wheat, suddenly my bundle stood up and your bundles gathered around and bowed down to it. “So you want to be our King, do you, his brothers derided”. They hated Joseph more. Joseph later had another dream, and told his brothers, “Listen to what else I dreamed, the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowed down to me. Joseph brothers were jealous of him, but his father kept wondering about the dream.

Joseph Is Sold And Taken To Egypt

One day Joseph father “Israel” said to Joseph go and see how your brothers are getting along and how it is with the flocks, and bring me word. “Very good” Joseph replied. At a distance, the brothers saw Joseph coming; they said to one another, look here comes the hero of those dreams! Let’s kill him and throw him into a pit and say that some wild animal ate him. Then we will see what happen to those dreams Everything God says is true- and it is a shield for all who come to him for safety) One of them said “Don’t murder him or even harm him, Just throw him into a dry well out here in the desert, Joseph’s fine coat was pulled off of him and threw him into a dry well. As Joseph’s brothers sat down to eat, they saw Ishmaelite trader whom they sold Joseph to. Joseph was sold for twenty pieces of silver and he was taken to Egypt. Joseph brothers killed a goat and spattered its blood on Joseph coat. They took the coat to their father and asked him to identify it. It was found in the field. It is my son’s coat. A wild animal has eaten him. “I will die in mourning for my son” said Israel.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, the traders sold Joseph to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh – “the King of Egypt”. The Lord greatly blessed Joseph there in the home of his master, so that everything he did succeeded. Potiphar noticed this and realized that the Lord was with Joseph in a very special way. So Joseph naturally became quite a favourite with him, soon he was put in charge of the administration of Potiphar’s household, and all his business affairs. At once the Lord began blessing Potiphar for Joseph sake. All his household affairs began to run smoothly, his crops flourished and his flocks multiplied. So Potiphar gave Joseph the complete administrative responsibility over everything he owned. Joseph, by the way, was a very handsome young man. One day of about this time Potiphar’s wife began making eyes at Joseph, and suggested that he come and sleep with her. Joseph refused. “Look, he told her, my master trusted me with everything in the entire household; he himself has no more authority here that I have! He has held back nothing from me except you yourself because you are his wife. How can I do such a wicked thing as this? It would be a great sin against God.” Potiphar’s wife wanted to deem the shining star of Joseph with sexual relationship. (Please the youngest Governor of our time, learn to say no to free sex). The woman succeeded sending Joseph to prison with the help of lying spirit. But the Lord was with Joseph there, too, and was kind to him by granting him favour with the entire prison administration to Joseph.

Joseph interprets the King’s dream

When it was time for Joseph to be King over his brothers, God cursed the King of Egypt to have dreams that none of his magicians and wise men could tell him what the dreams meant. The King’s personal servant said: now I remember a young Hebrew who was a servant of the captain of the guard who can tell you what the dreams meant. The King sent for Joseph, who was quickly brought out of jail. He shaved, changed his clothes and went to the King. The king said to him. “I had dreams, yet no one can explain what it means, I am told that you can interpret dreams.” Your Majesty” Joseph answered, I can’t do it myself, but God can give a good meaning to your dreams. The king told Joseph the dreams. Joseph replied: It is just as I said;- God has shown what He intends to do. For seven years Egypt will have more than enough grain, but that will be followed by seven years when there won’t be enough. The good years of plenty will be forgotten, and everywhere in Egypt people will be starving. The famine will be so bad that no one will remember that once there had been plenty. God has given you two dreams to let you know that He has definitely decided to do this and that He will do it soon. Your Majesty, you should find someone who is wise and will know what to do, so that you can put him I charge of all Egypt.

Joseph is made Governor over Egypt

The King and his officials like the plan, so the King said to them “No one could possible handle this better than Joseph since the Spirit of God is with him”. The King told Joseph “God is the one that has made you as wide as you are or know as much as you do. I’m putting you in charge of my palace, and everybody will have to obey you. No one will be over you except me. You are now Governor of all Egypt. Then the King took off his royal ring and put it on Joseph’s finger. Joseph was given fine clothes, a gold chain around his neck; and declared, “see, I have placed you in charge of all the land of Egypt. Joseph was thirty years old when he was made a Governor.

Joseph Tells His Brothers Who He Is

Joseph meet with his brothers several times in search of grains, but it came to pass that Joseph could no longer control his feelings in front of his servants, he sent them out of the room, when he was alone with his brothers he told them, “I am Joseph, then he cried so loudly that the Egyptians heard him and told about it in the King’s palace. Joseph asked his brothers if his father was still alive, but they were to frightened to answer. Joseph told them to come closer to him, and when they did, he said: Yes, I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt. Don’t worry or blame yourselves for what you did. God it is the one who sent me ahead of you to save lives.


Dear youngest Governor of our time, hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Kogi State is entrusted to your hands, to save lives, fear God and keep His laws, He only has the final say, seek Him always, ask Him for wisdom to lead his people always. God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it is be good or whether it is be evil.

Be blessed.

Umoru Y.S.

Servant in His Vineyard


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