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We wish to join our voice in debunking the ongoing, though unsubstantiated rumors, making the round about the Cross carpet of Hon. Suleiman Babadoko to the All Progressive Congress (APC) as false and a baseless thinking of evil men.

Ordinarily, we would have remained silent over the matter, most especially that he Hon Suleiman Babadoko has through a statement denied the allegations.

But as concerned members of the PDP and Lokoja Progressive Forum, having followed the politics of Hon Babadoko, since the advent of the nations democracy in 1999, we’re constrained to add that he is a man of impeccable character, and stands on principle and integrity as his watchword.

We make bold to state that having interacted with him over this matter and after a careful investigation carried out as a forum, the rumors been paddled against Babadoko is not true, a fallacy and is an attempt to tarnish the reputation of a man who’s rising profile intimidates.

It would be a misplacement of reasoning to think that Hon Babadoko would sacrifice certainty for uncertainty, jumping ship to a party that is sinking.

Let it be made known that for a man who have attained the popularity of Babadoko in Kogi Politics, with the sky as his limit, trading off his good name and what the future holds for him , for a mare porridge is unthinkable.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah, God has been kind on Babadoko and has through his hard work bless him to make him relatively comfortable, thus very unfortunate to think he will trade off his hard earned reputation on the alter of relevance which God has over the years bestowed on him.

Let it be made known that Hon Babadoko, still remains a member of the PDP, whose prospect remains bright and no amounts of blackmail, character assassination, by those who are scared of his rising profile would deter him.

On 2019, which is part of the reason for the campaign of calumny. Without mincing words, that year we believe is in the hands of God and we add that if Hon Babadoko chooses to aspire for any political position which of course is his right. We are so sure his relevance, antecedent, popularity and contributions to uplifting and touching lives in positive ways over the years would no doubt speak volume for him.

The mistake of 2015, occasioned by hate which we all are all suffering for today is a lesson, which should not be allowed to repeat itself. Babadoko remains a thoroughly breed material, and an envy for the PDP where he belongs.

For now, Babadoko is the man of the moment and holds the PDP very dear to heart and is working assiduously with other stakeholders in making the party the pride of all in the coming years.


Abu Garba. Jacob Amuke

Chairman. Secretary

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