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Glory be to God Almighty, the architect, builder, and manager of the world.
He planned the architectural plan of the world, built its gigantic structure without using a pillar and oversees the affairs of the world without driving it in a reverse gear nor mistake what will become of one person for another.

No amount of appreciation to him can quantify his Blessings upon us. We have campaigned as it was either or not. We have taken the pains of selling ourselves to the student’s community if we were buyable or not.

We have stood on podiums to say our manifesto if they were convincing or not. We have passed sleepless night praying and working towards our dream of leading the good and great students of our dear institution, OKUNLAND.

The students chose me, it’s an immeasurable privilege and honor that must not be abused, but used effectively for the betterment of all of us. It’s an undiminishing pleasure and honor that we must ensure make meaningful impacts in the lives of our fellow and beloved students.

I was not been voted because I was the best. I was voted because justice must prevail over everything in life. It’s necessary to challenge those who aspired alongside to come and let’s give our best to the students.

If you have some votes, whether you emerge or not, it means you also have people who wanted you there. And for the sake of those people you must participate not to disappoint them.

I Comrade AJAGUN OPEYEMI SAMUEL popularly know as OKUN BOY the newly elected NATIONAL PRESIDENT of the greatest association north of the Limpopo south of the equator NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF OKUN STUDENTS (NAOS), will like to use this medium to appreciate the entire Okun Students both home and in diaspora for the undying love, prayer and undiluted support towards the success of our prestigious association election yesterday.

It’s with total sense of belonging and responbility that I pledge allegiance to nobody but the entire students of Okun Nation for their interest in my number one priority. Without them (the students) their is no me.
With our eyes open we must seal all the holes in the political and the economical drum in OKUNLAND, yes we can do it.

This is a matter that needs a rational attention and a radical movement against genrotocracy.

We are not against their domination of affairs in OKUN Land but we are craving for the ignition of Students, I mean gallant and vibrant Students who will work for the interest of the Students.

We are not soliciting for a selfish gain rather we are crying for students participation, we are craving for students to be united and work for progress of this association. We want to be partakers of policies formulation, and we must be duly represented.

The mandate is ours and we must get it now, not with fight nor violence but through peace and intellectual struggle.

Let us remember this is the time for us to shine and shun the dominant of the bad eggs among us who doesn’t want the progress of the association.

I will like to use this medium to announce to the general public that the next election for NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF OKUN STUDENTS (NOAS) will hold 365days from today that is 30th December 2018 so help me God.

My office is always open to every pound Students for complains, advice and suggestion for a tree can never make a forest.

My undiluted appreciation goes to all my Electoral Committee whose foremost, fight, disagree and refuse to be bought but to set a free and fair elections –
Comrade ENIOLA OLAYEMI (Elcom Chairman)
Adeyemi Micheal (Chairman Screening committee)
Ibukun Abraham (Secretary Committee)

To the founding fathers of our great Association Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi, Adeyanju Tosin thanks for standing with truth and justice.

To my Stakeholders from Ijumu, Kabba-Bunu, Mopamuro, Yagba East and Yagba West for believing in me, for being united on this course, I say you’re all a leader worth emulating.
Comrade Kehinde Alamoh (Aks)
Obasun Emmanuel
Alepa celpas
Emmanuel Gbenga
Ogbeni David Oni
Obanibi Micheal Brass
Henry Olorunlaye
Ajare Stephen Olusola
Dada Moyinoluawalogo
Taiwo Orebiyi
Mesele Joe
Taiye Otatuba
Banji Aiyelabowo
Yomi Kabir
Ola Elijah
Irewole Henry
Chalse Teidi
Tosin Alamoh
Kola Obaromi
Comrade Tobi Aledare, Comrade Adetayo Opeyemi Duke the Principal Stakeholders/ Witness and others who witness all that happen during and after the election I say a very BIG THANK YOU.

We should therefore not be worried about petty issues that are not crucial to the development and liberation of our people (The Students). We must also appreciate that there is no permanent friend and also no permanent enemy. We may be divided along separate interests but our goal is same and hence we can still work together for progress.

Thanks to my leader Zacheus Dare, Dele Nihi, Segun Ampitan, Kunle Ola, Prime Abubakar, Taiye Olorundo, Sunday Paul, Ayo Emmanuel for their support and love for the entire Okun Students.
Thanks to my Executive Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello
Kogi State Speaker Rt. Hon. Prince Yomi Kola
Secretary to the State Government Mrs Shade Ayoade
The Algon Chairman Alhaji Isa Taufiq (Chairman Ijumu)
Commissioner of Finance Hon. Asiwaju Asiru Idris
Director of Media Hon.Kingley Fanwo
S A Political Pius Kolawole
Hon Sunday Faleke
Hon. Bola Amupitan
Hon. Barrister Toba Kehinde
S A Youth Empowerment, Sport and Students Hon. M D Eseyin, S S A Joshua Omonu,
All the Kogi West State Assembly
Kogi West Local Government Chairman
Thanks for your morals support in our election, May God continue to Bless the OkunLand. Amen

God Bless National Association of Okun Students
God Bless Okunland
God Bless Kogi State
God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Amangla ewetu, nothing shall discouraged us.

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