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It’s New Year and the best time to renew our dictionary to good governance in our dear state, preparing to remove bad leadership from our state kogi.
The year 2018 is a year for the PDP family as a result of the incompetent All Progressive Congress APC in the state set up a roadmap for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to take over the governance and administration of kogi state comes 2019……
I urge the Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) government to shake off it’s trademarks lethargy and take governance more seriously in 2018 to ease the hardship which ur government foisted on kogites in the past 23months of ur administration.

Having ambushed the state on January 2016 the judiciary back door comatose you have cause pains into the state civil servants by ur unesserary and parnutive screening of civil servants and pensioners where everything went downhill from that moments, that single act of endless screening of ur administration helped to erode whatever trust kogites reposed in ur administration.
Since trust is critical elements between the government and the governed.
Kogites cannot and will not trust an administration that promised to fight corruption but has presided over the worst cases of corruption in the history of the state since its creation. A government that set up committees after committees to screen workers, only to shamelessly dump in a garbage can @ lugard house.
Kogites cannot and will not trust a spendthrift administration that waste tax payers money on flimsy projects, like the failed recalling process, funding election of other states, campaigning for continuity of Mr president and most recently commissioning of multi million naira personal resident at okene, while civil servants and pensioners are not paid their legitimate entitlement for almost 23months.

The People’s Democratic Party PDP wish all kogites a Happy New year and also pray that 2018 will bring peace, joy and ushered in new leadership in the state that will surely liberates kogites from this hardship
Once again Happy New Year Kogites……

Comrade Mohammed Kabir AB.
State Deputy Publicity Secretary,
People’s Democratic Party (PDP),
Kogi State.

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