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Kogi state is one of the abundantly blessed state in the federation. Despite this endowments, the state has continued to be inundated with series of challenges, one of which is insecurity.

Kogi state is geographically at the heart of this country as the only state that has land borders with as many as eleven states and the Federal Capital Territory (a third of the country.

A state that ought to be haven to investors has become a haven to kidnapers, despite the selfless efforts of the executive Governor of the state, HIS Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello,yet he continues to assure inhabitants of a scaled up attempts by his administration to redress the worrisome situation.

At a point of the inception of his administration, there was rampant rate of kidnapping and robbery in the state giving the state a bad name and scaring away investors. The situation was so bad that nearly everyone in lives in absolute fear then.  Sons For many other Nigerians, traveling through the state was also fearful experience as security was not guaranteed then.

The situation took a heavy toll on businesses in an area generally regarded as the economic nerve-centre of the state. Consistent waging of war against social menace crusaders had ensured the protection of lives and property and an adequate security for the people of the state.

The security agents in the state also continue to cooperate with the state governor to burst crime havens in the state as well as ensuring victims of kidnaps are safely freed.

To ensure that the security of the state is not compromised, the Governor continues provide logistics and incentives to enable security agents succeed in their onerous task of ensuring security in the state.

Governor Bello at every fora continues to pledged to improved orientation to enlighten the people on their role in enthroning a secured Kogi State.

More importantly, the Governor vowed to refocus the youth of the state to societal responsibility through job creation, sports and empowerment seminars and clinics, making them the bastion of hope for the future. This he had achieved much in the past years.

In his efforts to fight crime and criminality in the state, the governor adopted series of strategies; some are highlighted below.

He strengthened the weak security architecture in the state; he formed a working synergy amongst all security agencies and approved the establishment of a professional vigilante service to carry out the local community policing.

The security agencies were provided with security gears and operational vehicles secured by the state government to served as morale boosters to them.

His government cleared bush along the highway for up to 600 meters from the road as part of the dimensions employed to tackle insecurity This is to ensure that drivers were able to see farther distance and that criminals could not hide behind bushes close to the road. This move has been hailed by many as novel and effective.
Operation Total Freedom is the task and it relentlessly waged war against criminals.. The Criminals in the state got the message and repented while others flee..Today security has improved tremendously in the state. Criminals are leaving the state in droves, while those who decided to stay back has abandoned unprofitable investment in criminality.

The state has become one of the safest states in Nigeria, both to travelers and residents. Hospitality business has received a boast and the hotels are brimming as people are no longer eager to leave Kogi .Iris fast becoming an investors haven. It is business unusual, Kogi has become a nemesis to criminals and criminal elements.

We therefore call on all to continue to support the administration in Kogi state.


Mr. Moses Adedeji
PRO, AYO Central Working Committee/ SA Media to Administrator, Ogori/Magongo LGA.

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